Village of Drake
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125 Francis St
Drake, SK. S0K 1H0
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History of Drake

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Location: Drake is a village in a farming community in Saskatchewan. It is centrally located one hundred miles south of Saskatoon and one hundred miles north of Regina.

In 1903-1905 there was a scattering of settlers in the Drake area. When the railroad was completed in 1907 the district was well settled, some schools and churches were already established. The Canadian Pacific Railway made life easier for homesteaders and paid homesteader MacKenzie $900.00 for the quarter of land on which Drake is presently located. Canadian Pacific Railway officials named Drake after Sir Francis Drake (1540-1596) Sir Francis Drake was the first Englishman to sail around the world. The Village of Drake has streets named after the crewmembers, Hawkins, Howard, Gilbert, Norreys, and Cadiz.

Listed below are the businesses in Drake in 1910:

Arthur S. Brandon -- Merchant
Andrew E Brandon -- Liverman
Thomas W. Sadler -- Blacksmith
John J. Gerbrandt -- Implements
J. Barkman -- Lumber Agent
Wm. Brandt -- Implements
J.H. Funk -- Implement Dealer
B.E. Rempel -- General Merchant
Adam Smith -- Restaurant
Ezra Funk -- Hardware Merchant
Edwin Thoens -- Barber
Oscar J. McFayden -- Station Agent
John J. Gerbrandt -- Post Office
Saskatchewan Elevator Company

1910- The Presbyterian church moved to Drake, and became the first school in Drake with Mr. Craig Sadler.

1912- first telephone service had 30 subscribers.

1919- Union Bank opened and became a sub-branch to Lanigan, with Mr. L.J. Walley as acting manager.

1922- Drake Union Church was built, and the first Power Plant had 10=20 subscribers.

1959-60- New school was built on the same location as the former school. 1964-65- Drake Arena was built. It had facilities for skating, hockey and curling.

1968-69- Sewer and water was connected to businesses and residences in the village.

1974- Village of Drake purchased stock in Central Parkland Lodge to provide residents a place to retire to.

1977- Drake and district Recreation Board was established.

1978- Wheatland Regional Mobile Library came to Drake.

1979- Drake and District Fire Protection Association was organized, and a water treatment plant was installed. Soon zoning bylaws came into effect. Drake Community Center was built and attached to the school. With most of the labour and construction of the building was supplied by volunteers.

1984- Reverse-osmosis unit installed.

1987- Enriched housing (6 units) and the Villa (4 units) were constructed.

1994- Drake Sportsplex was built, most of the funds for this project were raised by volunteers, bingos and lotteries.

Listed below are businesses in Drake today:

Bergen Industries -- welding and fabrication
Conexus Credit Union -- financial institution
Drake Happy Shopper & Coffee Room -- groceries, post office, coffee shop
Drake Meats Processors -- meat processing plant
Green Teal Insurance -- auto and personal insurance
Humboldt Co-op Drake Service Centre -- fuel, lubricants, tire service
Paradise Auto Body -- automobile, equipment, painting
Viterra -- grain, fertilizer, chemical service
Wolverine Drilling -- geothermal drilling

Home-based Business:
Jean's Scissor Shack -- Jean Blair
Stampin' Up -- Faith Longman
Country Crafts -- Carolyn Willems
Tiny and Hunter -- Sarah Bartel



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